About Sherry

Sherry Romello

Sherry Romello


Sherry Romello is a professional in the hospitality/event planning industry. Romello, who currently resides in Virginia, was born in Dayton Ohio before her parents moved back to Frenchburg, Kentucky, a small town in the central part of Kentucky about 90 minutes east of Lexington. While in high school, Sherry excelled academically and earned a one year scholarship to a vocational business school, the Dorthea B. Lane School. At this time, Sherry knew she could not afford college so she took the scholarship and attended the school for a year. After that year, she took her newly acquired skills and went right to work as an administrative assistant for the Segal Company in Washington DC. Once she had saved enough money, she began to take classes at Northern Virginia Community College with the ultimate goal of one day receiving a four year degree. That goal was achieved in March of 2000. Sherry Romello received a Bachelor of Science from the College of Business and Management at National Louis University’s Northern Virginia Campus.


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